About this Project

We bring together at this web site American universities that offer courses or programs in communicating science to the public.  This directory provides basic descriptive information about entries so that users can then link to individual university or program web sites to obtain more detailed information.

Entries are governed by a couple of categorical definitions:

•By “science” we mean everything from physics to biology to the social sciences to environmental sciences to medicine and health. 

•The courses and programs featured here focus on communication skills relevant for general audiences; thus, this directory does not offer listings for technical communication or allied health communication programs except for those that contain this more general training option.  Individuals emerging from the courses and programs listed here are likely to move into mass media, public information or other public understanding of science arenas.

You can search the directory by state, by level of education (undergraduate or graduate) and by topic focus (for example, science, environment, health).

Changes and additions to the directory are welcome.  Please send them to (dsc@journalism.wisc.edu).

Compiled by:

Lucy Atkinson
Brian Deith
Kathleen Masterson
Sharon Dunwoody


School of Journalism and Mass Communication
University of Wisconsin-Madison